WW-P High School North

"Home of the Northern Knights" Weekly Bulletin: Jan. 4, '16

Weekly Events

January 4th: Welcome Back!!

January 5th: 7:30pm BOE Meeting @Grover MS

January 6th: 6:00pm Junior College Planning Night @HSN Theater

January 7th: 7:00pm AAPSG Webcast Event: Strategies for Interviewing for PTJobs/College
HSN PTSA Meeting @HSN Media Center

January 8th: 7:30pm Improv Show @HSN UDH

January 9th/10th: 8:30am SAT Boot Camp @HSN UDH

Next Week's General Faculty Mtg. (1/11) will be used for GCN Training

Please use this time on Monday, January 11th to work on the completion of your GCN training requirements. We will also use our general faculty meeting time to support this training on February 1st.

If, for some reason, you need directions to the site, etc. they are listed below:

1. Log in at http://www.gcntraining.com
2. Click LOGIN TO VIEW TRAININGS (green bar on the right side)
4. Enter the WW-P Organizational ID: 51354w
5. Create/Enter your own personal password

Remember, all WW-P employees need to complete these trainings as required by the NJ Department of Education no later than March 4, 2016. If you have any additional questions please reach out to Charity Fues at charity.fues@ww-p.org for assistance.