Back To The Future Day

What They Got Wrong

It's back to the future day, the exact day they went to in the movie back to the future 3, October 21, 2015. But what did they get right about 2015? Lets start with what wasn't right, in the movie the Cubs won the world series but in real life the Royals won the world series. What about those flying cars, we don't have them yet but we might have them by 2030. We also don't have dog walking drones but we do have drones.

What They Got Right

Now on to what they got right. We got video chat, video glasses and drones. We also have the amazing hover board but it can only hover a few inches. We have hands free video games for Xbox and possibly more. Finally Pepsi had a limited edition Pepsi prefect. That's all I have about back to the future day.