By Libby


Vietnam is found in Asia it is in the South East of Asia. Vietnam is a very poor so they cannot afford very much so they have barley any things.



Vietnam is a country that can be found in Asia. Vietnam is surrounded by water it has been surrounded by water for many years.

Vietnam’s land is a shape of letter S.

Vietnam is surrounded by mountains called highland.

What do they people do for entertainment?

In Australia we are very lucky because we get to go to the beach but sadly a lot of people in Vietnam don’t get to go to the beach because they live in villages and they have to work all day to feed their family.

TV is very expensive so only rich people can afford TV. Girls and woman are encouraged to do what they want but in Vietnam the women need to listen to the older boys who can be the older brother, husband or fathers.

What do people in Vietnam Eat?

Vietnam eats bats, lizards, cobras, rats, porcupine, pangolins sometimes even dogs. Rice is most of the time eaten in Vietnam because they have lots of rice fields so the most popular food is Rice I image they can properly walk out and pick Rice. If you get married in Vietnam they have to eat this special food called Banh.