Volume 1, Issue 3 | May 2022

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Taking Notice

Each year as we begin to approach summer and the end of another academic year, we start to reflect on the last several months. One thing that I think is unique to education is that, when you take the time to reflect on the work you've done, you can see the impact you've had on your students and your community.

You can see improvement in your students, whether it's the use of new vocabulary from back in November, or remembering a math formula that they were taught before Spring Break. Or, it can be as simple as a student who was too shy to participate in August feeling comfortable enough in class to raise their hand to answer a question.

It takes time and dedication to get to this point. Each day our teachers and staff work with our students to create a learning environment that is welcoming while still being rigorous. And, as a school system, we couldn't be where we are without that dedication from our staff.

Last week, we wanted to make it clear to our staff that this hard work hasn't gone unnoticed, and awarded more than 1,300 We Notice awards to staff: from teachers, to bus drivers, to administrators and more! Each We Notice nomination was submitted by community members, parents, and students to honor the staff that have made an impact on their life over the past nine months.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank our community for noticing the hard work that our staff puts in day in and day out, and thank our staff for continuing to be dedicated to the education of our students.

Thank you.


Dr. Matthew S. Haas, Superintendent

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In Case You Missed It

A lot has happened this month! Here's what we think is important to know:

This Month's Video Highlight

Meriwether Lewis Students Use Card Game to Flex Math Skills

Parent Perspective

This month we hear from Heidi Gilman Bennett, the Teacher Appreciation Initiative Lead with Families Helping Families.

"Everyone has talents that can be shared with our public schools. I've been volunteering with Families Helping Families to rally community support for national Teacher Appreciation Week. We've pulled together parents, retired teachers, grandparents and generous community members to write personal thank-you notes, create posters, drop off treats, and so much more. Many others have donated funds, which are so appreciated by PTOs and schools in less-resourced neighborhoods.

Personally, I find it deeply rewarding to use my organizing talents on behalf of our schools. I enjoy being part of a community that cares about public education, and I like my kids to volunteer to feel the pleasure of making a positive impact. Plus, ACPS has the best teachers and they're really appreciative of simple personal touches like thank you notes. I encourage all community members to share your gratitude and talent during next week’s Teacher Appreciation!"

Interested in what else is going on over at Families Helping Families? Learn more about their other projects on their website.

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On average, our Child Nutrition staff serve breakfast and lunch to 6,000 students per day! Interested in joining our team? Search "Child Nutrition" on our hiring site for more information and to apply.