June Non-Apparel

"Never tell me the odds."

Customer Care

What our customers think!

This month was pretty slow in non-apparel but take a look at what we put together! :)

Problem Children:
-Within Season Wedge: Heel strap placement/sizing is off. Customer called in complaining about item cutting into heel painfully.
-Splice of Life One Piece: Sizing dimension off. Received phone calls similar to this review:
"I love the look, but when I got it and tried it on... it just wasn't working. I'm not quite sure what was wrong, I'm assuming I got a size too small, because the suit left me with a very scary case of side-boobs while seeming baggy at the same time??? I think I need something with higher back or a strap to keep it all together. "

Styles we typically get the most sizing questions about are:

-Esther Williams Swimwear (all)

-Chelsea Crew Shoes (all)

A bit of customer feedback on style of shoes via an email:
"Hi Mod Cloth, what's going on with your shoes? I came online hoping to get the perfect pair of pumps for my dress and your shoes are SO very tasteful. Don't get me wrong, I like a nice kitten heel or a low wedge in nude or navy or matching my dress, but on the days I feel like wearing a spike studded platform heeled pump that kicks ass your tame shoes just don't cut it. Disappointing."

Some updates from last newsletter:

*Customers are looking for more "everyday wear" bras in cups including A-G.

While we don't have too much bedding information, it has proved to be an overall success on the customer front! I think providing more options to the customer would spark even more interest. :)

Quality Control

Sniffing out bad quality and snuffing it out!

The most outstanding quality concerns this month were styles from J.P. Original Corp., Twin Tiger Footwear, and Esther Williams.
Here's the lowdown:

Some Questionable Products...

June shined some interesting light on two active products, which have been receiving a great deal of negative feedback--The Stud-y Abroad Watch (PID 53800) from Ana Accessories and the Cutensils Flatware Set (PID 10974) by Present Time. These were brought to our attention via the PMQ, and after some investigation, discovered that customers are wholly dissatisfied with the quality compared to the price they are paying. While these are relatively "old" products, restocked many times, their recent spike of poor reviews are something to consider for the future.

Here is what some customers are saying:

Stud-y Abroad Watch -- Most are concerned with how quickly it stops working. Upon further inspection, I found that the majority of the units in stock were already turned on, draining the battery life and function before even being sold.

  • "...I bought the watch about a month ago and it has quit working. It started slowing down and I thought it was an operator error. Now it quit moving completely. I suppose I could slide the face off and still wear it as a bracelet. My time telling dreams are shattered. I will now go back to checking my phone constantly and make those around me think I am searching for a text message. My life will always be stuck at 11:45 and 6 seconds"
  • "...The seconds hand gets stuck and by the time I notice the watch has is already hours behind. I haven't actually worn a watch since I started carrying a cellphone everywhere, and I definitely chose this piece for its looks and not its function, but if I spend $40 on a watch, it would be nice if it could keep time. Since its sold out now I guess I don't have much chance of getting a replacement, but I have to say, this has been a huge disappointment"
  • "I got this today, and it does not keep time. It started slowing down from the first time I set it."

Cutensils Flatware Set -- Customers are disgruntled by how easily the pieces fall apart, the plastic handles becoming loose or breaking entirely...

  • "...I love their looks, but the silverware is not well made. I have had a knife break, with pieces flying through the air while I cut ravioli (and not frozen ravioli either). Silverware should not split apart from soft, cheese filled pastas. Also, one of my spoons has fallen out of the handle. I stuck it back in, but it is still loose. For $29.99, I expect quality, not disposable silverware..."
  • "...The utensils have no heft and are poorly balanced, making them feel like cheap toys in the hand. From a practical standpoint, these are a small step above Wal-Mart's $5 20-piece set, which itself only slightly better than using plastic utensils. For $30, I would have at least expected 18/10 steel..."
  • "These are super cute but they are not durable. I have had a set for 3 months and over half of them have broke; all in the exact same spot."
  • "...I have had them for under a year and have ONLY washed them by hand and they are falling apart. The knife blades have all separated from the handles and the forks and spoons are all very loose. I'm sad to say, I am so disappointed in this set"

Meanwhile in Vendor Problems...

Total # VP's: 89 (100%)
↑ 12% increase from May

Total # of units: 4,039
Total cost: $83,806
Avg. cost: $20.75


2-3 VP styles:
Cima USA dba Trinity
East Lion
Girl Howdy
GO Max
JP Original
Mandalynn Swimwear
Yes Master
Z & L

4 or more VP styles:
Ana Accessories
Esther Williams
Karma Living
Rago Foundations

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