Hampton High School Renovation 2015

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TRANE and all the sub-contractors moved in the day after school dismissed on May 20th. ACCESS is completing the electrical, RUTT is doing the heating and air conditioning, ICON is renovating the bathrooms & locker rooms, ESA abated the asbestos, and TriCounty Glass is replacing the windows.

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?!?

The first air conditioning units arrived the week of June 8th. These are located on the south side of the high school building between the windows of the Science classroom. What a difference these will make once we start back to school in mid-August!

Cement for the new bathrooms...who is that assisting the workers?

The cement floor was replaced in the bathroom this week. Principal Huls was spotted helping Brian and his team from ICON with the cement. I'm wondering if he also left his handprint behind?