An app to track how much water you drink!


This app is available mostly on mobile devices. It is available on the ipad, iphone, ipod, and android devices.

Why Use WaterLogged?

This app is used to track how much water you consume in a day. You can use different types of measurements like ounces, milliliters, liters. This allows you to make sure you are getting enough water each day from a health perspective. Also, you track your water intake in a graph format throughout the week and the month.


The cost of this app is free and it is easy to use.

Pedagogical Uses

This app can be used K-12. I wouldn't use this in the elementary levels unless I had ipads for all my students. I would use this in middle school and high school because almost everyone has a smart phone. But I would use this in my physical education classroom in order to touch on the health aspect. I will focus a lot on getting the kids active. This will help me see if they are taking steps to help their diet and they can see how important it is to do so.