The Lion King

By Eva Fisher and Gemma McLeod


Rafiki is a friend of the royal family of Pride Lands. He is known as the shaman of Pride Lands, as he often performs activities which are similar to those of a human tribal shaman; such as presenting young cubs atop Pride Rock to the animals, counselling the royal family and keeping in touch with the great kings of the past. He lives in a giant baobab tree somewhere in the Pride Lands.

Although he is old, weary and very wise, he also has a very funny, playful side and sometimes acts quite silly! He tends to speak in third person when speaking of himself. He often pops up in a bizarre manner to teach his wisdom in a rather roundabout way

His name, Rafiki, means “friend" in Swahili. Rafiki provides important counsel to the adult Simba when the latter is trying to determine his destiny.

He is an old mandrill with a bald head and white hair. His fur is grey and his underbelly is white. He is never seen without his stick, which is topped with 2 gourds that he uses for ritual purposes, painting and food


Mufasa is the king of Pride Lands. He is the father to his son, Simba, the mate to his wife, Sarabi and brother to his younger sibling, Scar.

Mufasa is a large powerful male lion who is often portrayed as the ideal king and wishes to pass those traits down to his son, Simba. He is not only a righteous, wise and kind-hearted leader, but admirably courageous and powerful as well. He always thinks about what’s in the best interest of the Pride Lands and the Circle of Life

He was beloved by all the animals of Pride Lands, with the exception of Scar and his followers. Aside from being a great ruler, Mufasa was also a loving husband and father. He is completely selfless and especially caring for his son, Simba who he even sacrifices his life for.

He is described as having golden fur, a brownish nose, a thick, red mane, and reddish-brown eyes.

The Lion King- Plot


As the sun rises in the Pride Lands of Africa, Rafiki the mandrill calls all of the animals to Pride Rock to celebrate the birth of future king Simba. The young lion, Simba, is born to the king and queen of the animal kingdom, King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi.

Meanwhile Mufasa's younger brother, Scar, mourns over his lost chance at becoming king because Simba is now next in line for the thrown.

Time passes and Simba grows into a playful and lively young cub. One day Mufasa takes Simba on a tour of Pride Lands, teaching him the responsibilities of being kind and explaining to him that everything exists in a delicate balance known as the Circle of Life.

Mufasa warns Simba not to stray beyond the Pride Lands, pointing out the shadowy area in the distance. Later that day, Scar tricks Simba and lures him to the Elephant Graveyard, the forbidden land that Mufasa warned Simba not to go. With him he takes his best friend, Nala (a female lion cub) and Zazu, a hornbill who acts as Mufasa's advisor. Simba and Nala formulate a plan and manage to lose Zazu, while Simba brags about his future position. At the graveyard, the cubs are attacked by three spotted hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, who try to kill them. Luckily, Mufasa comes to the rescue and scares off the hyenas. Mufasa was disappointed and angry at Simba's reckless disobedience but willingly forgives Simba

The hyenas who are banished from the Pride Lands, plot with Scar to kill Mufasa.

Scar raises an army of hyenas, and with him they plan to kill Mufasa and Simba so Scar can become king. Scar promises the hyenas that if they support him they will never go hungry again! On Scar’s orders, the hyenas stampede a large herd of wildebeest into a gorge where Simba is. Scar tells Mufasa that Simba is trapped in the gorge; Mufasa leaps into the stampede and manages to rescue Simba. However, as Mufasa tries to escape and climbs up the gorge’s walls, Scar kills him by throwing him back off the cliff into the stampede.

Scar tricks Simba into thinking that his father’s death was his fault and advices him to run away forever. But as he leaves Scar orders the hyenas to kill him. Simba manages to escape the hyenas and they pronounce him dead when they return to their new king of Pride Lands, Scar. As the new king, Scar allows the swarm of hyenas to live in Pride Lands. Rafiki returns to her tree and smears the drawing of Simba, while Sarabi and Nala quietly grieve.

Simba, who is now far from home, collapses in the dessert from heat exhaustion, but is found by Timon and Pumbaa, a meerkat and a warthog who nurse him back to health. They take Simba in and show him their carefree way of life under the motto “hakuna matata” (“no worries”). Simba grows to adulthood in the jungle.


Back in Pride Lands, under Scar’s rule, the Circle of Life is out of balance and a drought has hit the Pride Lands. Nala arrives to confront Scar about the famine, however he doesn’t care and is only concerned about himself and why he isn’t loved. Nala decides to leave Pride Lands to find help.

Simba, now an adult in the jungle, saves Timon and Pumbaa from a hungry lioness who turns out to be Nala. The two fall in love but when Nala tries to get Simba to come back home to Pride Lands which has now become a waste land with not enough food or water; Simba refuses and storms off (still feeling guilty over his father’s death).

Rafiki, tracks Simba down and tells him that his father lives on. Mufasa’s spirit appears in the sky and tells Simba he is the one true king and that he must take his place in the Circle of Life. Simba realises he must stop running from his past and that he must go back home to Pride Lands. Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa follow him, and agree to help him fight.

Timon and Pumbaa distract the hyenas, allowing Simba and Nala to reach Pride Rock.

Simba confronts Scar, who taunts him still over his father’s death. But when Scar pushes Simba to the edge of Pride Rock, he reveals that it was him who killed Mufasa! Simba in enraged and jumps back up and forces Scar to reveal the truth to the other lions. While Timon, Pumbaa and the lionesses fight the hyenas, Simba has Scar cornered on the top of Pride Rock. Scar begs for another chance, saying he is family and blaming the hyenas. Simba states he does not believe Scar anymore but spares his life and tells him to run away and to never return. Scar follows along as he walks past but then attacks Simba. Simba blocks the attack and Scar falls from the cliff. Scar survives the fall but the hyenas, who heard Scar's betrayal and are still starving, tear him to shreds.

With the battle won, Simba descends from the top of Pride Rock where he is acknowledged as the rightful king. Pride Lands recover and the rain falls again; the animals gather in celebration as Rafiki presents Simba and Nala’s newborn cub and the Circle of Life continues!