Aliyah - My Planet

The biggest planet of them all &it is an outer planet

Symbol of MY PLANET

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How Jupiter got Its name

Their was a ancient god named Jupiter.There was many myths about Jupiters moons which were named after mythological being associated with Jupiter/Zeus.

How MY PLANET was discovered

NO one knows who discoverd jupiter.

Why MY PLANET looks like

Distances of MY PLANET

Order from the sun:It is the 5th planet

Distance from the sun in AU:5.2

in km:777 millonkillometers

Distance from the Earth in AU:5.2

in km:millons of killometers

Orbit and Rotation of MY PLANET

Number of days to orbit around the sun:

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):

Water forms on MY PLANET

Weather on MY PLANET

on Jupiter their is very stormy.people say because of the big red spot the storms could last up to 300 years!

Rings and Satellites on MY PLANET

Exploration to MY PLANET

Human colony on MY PLANET

Picture of MY PLANET

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Atmosphere and Temperature of MY PLANET