Third Grade Newsletter

May 15th - May 29th

General Third Grade News

As warmer weather approaches, please keep the school dress code in mind. Shorts must be at least finger-tip-length and flip-flops are not permitted.

As always, please keep in mind that attendance is crucial to student success. Please refrain from making appointments before the end of the school day. We appreciate your support with this.

Please be checking your child’s folder for information about how you can order pre-packaged school supplies for the 2015-2016 school year. Supplies can be purchased for the entire year, or just the first semester. (If you purchase first semester only, a list of additional supplies will be provided for you to purchase on your own for the second semester.) Supplies will be available at and ORDERING WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE MAY 8 – JUNE 19. NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Please note that the 3rd Grade Musical is on May 19th not May 12th as stated on their behavior calendars.

The last day for students to check out books will be May 14. Students must have all books returned by May 21.

Upcoming Dates

May 19th - Living History Museum, Mrs. Waldrop & Mrs. Games' homeroom classes present 9:15-10:00 am., Mrs. Underwood and Mrs. Hawbaker's homeroom classes present 12:15-1:00 pm.

May 19th - Fine Arts Night (3rd Grade Musical)

May 25th - Memorial Day (Snow/Ice Make-Up Day)

June 4th - End of Year Party 9:45-10:15 & Early Release @ 12:15

June 5th - Last Day of School & Early Release @ 12:15


Students will spend the remainder of the year using a series of investigations based on the context of Muffles’ Truffles Shop. Although the shop is fictional, the problems they will be solving are real world situations. Students will be applying their knowledge of multiplication, division and place value as they solve for the area of candy boxes, the total cost, and determine how to combine leftover truffles to create assortment boxes.


Students are working on a problem based learning project. They are working with a group to present a proposal to the NISD school board that would allow Northwest to continue expanding while preserving surrounding ecosystems. They will be encouraged to use technology to create their presentations.

Language Arts

Students are completing their Living History Museum Project. We are looking forward to students getting the opportunity to showcase their hard work Tuesday!

With our third grade year winding down, students will be revisiting what a complete response to reading entails. We remind students that reading responses include ideas gathered beyond the text with plenty of text evidence to support their thinking. Students will respond to text finding the author's message and theme.

In Writing, students will be drafting both narrative and expository writing pieces. Students will utilize the NISD framework to organize their ideas before drafting. Third graders will be taking their drafts through the complete writing stages, ensuring each piece is properly edited and revised before publishing.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, students will be researching more leaders who influenced their community. Third graders will learn what makes an entrepreneur through gathering information on Sam Walton, Mary Kay Ash, Milton Hershey, and Henry Ford. After our study, students should be able to explain to you what makes entrepreneurs successful and possibly have ideas for their own entrepreneurship someday!

Mrs. Games

Math and Science

Mrs. Hawbaker

Language Arts and Social Studies

Mrs. Waldrop

Math and Science

Mrs. Underwood

Language Arts and Social Studies