By : Jeremy Kimrey

About the Swordfish

  • The Swordfish can grow up to 4.5 meters or about 14 feet in length.
  • They can weigh up to 650 kg or about 1435 pounds.
  • Its lifespan is about 9 years.
  • The females are usually bigger than the males.
  • Swordfish in the Pacific are bigger than in the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea.

Habitat of the Swordfish

  • The Swordfish lives in warm or cold water.
  • They live around the east coast of North America, Africa, and Australia.
  • They migrate to warmer waters in the winter and colder in the summer.
  • It is a midwater fish living around 650 to 1,960 feet deep.

Reproduction of the Swordfish

  • They reach sexual maturity between 5 or 6 years old.
  • Little is known about the reproductive behaviour.
  • All that is known is that spawning occurs in warmer waters year around and during spring and summer months in cooler places.
  • They have been observed in the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean sea while the males chase the females.

Diet of the Swordfish

  • They are apex predators.
  • They eat pelagic fish which get in big schools.
  • They also eat squids and other cephalopods.
  • Their only predators as adults are humans and orcas.

How the population has gone down

  • The population has gone down in the last 30 years
  • Their populations have gone down because of fishers.
  • Right now their population is normal