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Business Strategic Planning by Kathy Keeley Group: Our Portfolio

Find out where we are working:

· The City of Las Vegas: Strategic Business Plan for city – economic development.

· Northland Foundation: Social Enterprise Initiative, Staff Retreats and Planning

· Piedmont Park Conservancy: Business/operations Plan

· Pinal County, Arizona - Sheriff’s Office: Strategic Business Plan for sheriff’s department

· Georgia Community Support and Services: A developmental disability provider – Results Based Strategic Plan

· Quality Care for Care for Children: Turnaround plan for Social Enterprise.

· Metropolitan Arts Fund: Strategic Plan and Financial Modeling for Growth.

· The Community Foundation of Metropolitan Atlanta: Facilitation for strategic alliances with arts and girls organizations.

· Ballethnic Dance Company: Resource Development Plan.

· Greenstone Group: Design Consulting for Entrepreneur Coaching Initiative.

· Community Land Trust: Strategic Business Plan for Growth and Sustainability, program based budgeting, executive coaching.

· Emerald Glenn: Market Feasibility Study for Equestrian Center.

· Ascutney Mountain Ski Resort: Market Study for Equestrian Development in conjunction with Vermont ski resort.

· Count Me In: Credit Scoring and Online Loan Program design.

· American Express - Make Mine A Million: Pilot program design and test.

· Script International: Foundation and youth development mentorship and training program in South America (Caterpillar Rental Stores).

· Lake Superior Zoo: Strategic Business Plan.

· Northeast Entrepreneur Fund: Program based budgeting, curriculum for Finish the Plan for entrepreneurs needing to finish their business plans.

· Georgia Center for Nonprofits: Program management competencies and training outline.