Science of Camping

By: Malee Thor 4th hour

Summer Fun

During mid July when it was scorching hot, my family and I packed up our dark magenta Honda van and hit the road. Finally, after a long trip in the van we arrived to our destination, and met up with our cousins. The place we were staying at was called Chute Pond Park & Campground. We quickly set up camp and ran down to the beach with arms filled with blown up tubes and sand toys. We spent a long time swimming, jumping off cliffs, and just having the time of our lives. After an exhausting day at the beach we walked to the main house of the campground, and bought ice cream to enjoy in the scorching weather. I decided to go because it was a family trip. We usually don't have family trips and I like to spend time with my whole family getting to know them.

The Science of it

Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping relates to gravity because, when in the air after jumping off the cliff, gravity comes in and pushes you towards the water. Once your body collides with the surface of the water your velocity instantly drops.


Swimming relates to Newton's three laws of motion. His second law explains that when you push or pull something it starts to move. So when we swim we push against the water causing the water to move, and when we do a front stroke we're pushing our bodies forward.

I wonder

1. How many cells live in the water that I swam in?

2. Do motor boats produce pollution into the water?

3. Do the cells on our body wash off in the water?

4. If I jumped off a higher cliff would that increase my velocity?


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