By Bree french

Brain Tumor with Teeth?

This article is about a baby boy who was growing way faster than the average boy his age. At the hospital the doctors did a scan to fin that the baby had a tumor. The doctors did surgery and the surgery showed that the baby's tumor had what looked to be teeth that are usually found in the lower jaw. They also found that the tumor could grow to be the size of a golf ball but wouldn't spread. The little boys tumor had stopped some important hormones from entering so the little boy will have to have hormone shots through out his life.


Science Cartoons for Your Distracted Brains ^^^^

ADHD Genetics

I found this article on ADHD. Thought it was cool because it was saying there aren't a lot of gene makeup ADHD shows up in the dopamine d4 and d5 parts of the brain. The website had an ADHD test and I might take it and post it up and see how accurate it's results are. The results showed that I probly have ADHD which is true.


Artificial Heart Whatttt?

Scientist have found using a 3d printer can help heart problems. The artificial heart can be used to help rhythm problems in the lower chambers of the heart. But that's not all the artificial heart doesn't only help the heart it also helps some other organs including the kidneys.


Glue the Heart Stat!

Doctors have noticed recently that patients that come in with a broken heart their treatment is more effective with glue. The broken heart is when some one is stabbed in the heart or any injuries to the heart that result in the hearts tissue being broken. They have found unseeing glue puts a strong water tight seal on the wound. Staples are not water tight so they would have to be removed and could cause further damage to the heart when being put in. Stitches are difficult too because it's harder to keep the tissue aligned so the heart can heal. So doctors have decided that glue is the best way to mend a broken heart!