Algebra Teacher

Information about being a algebra teacher.

Job Descriptions

Teaching algebra to kids.

Working conditions

Convenience of most school hours and having summers off. They have always contributed to the appear of the teaching profession.


The salary of being a teacher is $54,270 per year.

Educational Background

Required education is your Bachelor's degree. Other requirements is your teachers licensure.

Career Ladder

You could work with kids or volunteer somewhere. Model Teacher, Teacher Leader, Master Teacher.

Employment Outlook

It will rise 17 percent by 2020 (Elementary School).

It will rise 7 percent by 2020 (High School).

Related Jobs

You could be a Coach, Tutoring teacher, Councilor, librarian, or consulting.

What characteristics or Abilities are needed for a person to be best in this career?

You have to have patience and be able to work with kids even if they do not know how to do it. You have to know how to explain the steps of algebra.

Advantages of this Career

You get to work with kids and you have the summers off.

Disadvantages of this Career

There are budget cuts, large classroom sizes, demanding curriculum, Heath care and retirement, Layoff.

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