Communication Chronicle 12-23-15


Holiday Break!

Holiday break is here! Wow! We wish you a safe, happy, and healthy break! We have had great start to the school year and we want to finish the second half strong. Please continue to implement best practices in your classrooms by creating a classroom environment that incorporates multi-sensory learning opportunities and high rates of responding behavior. The research indicates that the more students are responding the higher the rate of learning! Keep up the great work!
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Important Dates

  • Faculty Meeting will be held on January 13th
  • PLC Meeting will be held on January 27th

Teacher Tips!

  1. Check out This website has PowerPoint presentations made on just about every topic! This is a must see!
  2. What to make learning fun? Try You create your own jeopardy games based upon the subject material you taught! Very cool. You need to create an account for free, but that's it!
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County Representatives for the Governor's Educator of the Year Award!

  • Kelly Fletcher has been chosen to represent BCSSSD at the County Level as Teacher of the Year!
  • Maureen Basehore has been chosen to represent BCSSSD at the County Level as Educator Professional of the Year!

Quote of the Week

"Every success is built on the ability to do better than good enough." author unknown

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We wish up you a safe and happy Holiday break!!

December Birthday's!!

  • Adrienne Arena 12-26
  • Lorraine Arther 12-20
  • Cynthia Atkins 12-13
  • Margaret Balderman 12-10
  • Jill Bennett 12-7
  • Marie Boyle 12-8
  • Sandra Brock 12-2
  • Scott Caffrey 12-2
  • William Clark 12-13
  • Michelle Flood 12-15
  • Jaime Forvour 12-21
  • Sarah Giorla 12-6
  • Maureen Graven-Eells 12-21
  • Joan Dennis 12-25
  • Sara Kleinkaufman 12-24
  • Laura Maldonado 12-4
  • Kierra Griffen 12-7
  • April Jamison 12-29
  • Paul Jones 12-8
  • Linda McKinney-Dewson 12-24
  • Michael Patriarcha 12-31
  • Sharon Ray 12-2
  • Patricia Rolling 12-12
  • Karen Rooney 12-24
  • Emily Turner 12-20
  • Linda Widhson 12-22