Week of February 2nd, 2016

Hello Parents!!!!

I have a few requests and reminders:

*Please remind students not to bring personal toys or other items to school as they cause distractions during class.

*Please help students be successful by having all supplies needed. I would appreciate any donations of pencils, pencil top erasers, notebook paper, construction paper, etc. so that I may have ample supplies here.

*Students will have many activities to go along with "Number the Stars", please make sure they are keeping up with completing the activities.

Week at a Glance.....

Monday: Pages 9-20 in Novel Packet due. Continue reading chapters 7-8.

Tuesday: Continue reading chapters 9-10

Wednesday: Mid-Novel Assessment (Chapters 1-8)

Continue reading chapters 11-12

Thursday: Continue reading chapters 13-14

Friday: Continue reading chapters 15-16 **3 week progress reports**


Happy Birthday to....

1st- Jasmin Soto & Emilio Olivio

5th-Cristina Vasquez