Tastes of Literature

Chefs Dodson, Dolgner, Ettner, and Farr

Dinner Menu


Filet mignon

I chose filet mignon as my food because Robbert Griffin III ate filet mignon when he was meeting with the coach and executives of the Washington Redskins. During the meal, he convinces the Redskins franchise on taking a chance on him. In the end, this decision lead to his future career in the NFL.



I chose Zweiback because that was the main item Gunter was issued for rations in the winter of 1942-1943. It was a baked biscuit type bread, similar to hardtack. Zweiback was used throughout the war as both a component of daily rations, and as an emergency rations. Though it is not the most appetizing food, anything tastes good when you are hungry. As Gunter said, "I would never have thought bread could be so delicious." (Koschorrek, 82)


Bint as Sahn (“Daughter of the Dish”)

Bint as Sahn (“Daughter of the Dish”) is a traditional Yemeni dessert consisting of light, flaky dough topped with sesame seeds and honey. I chose this because the main character is a 10 year old daughter who her parents are making her get married at young age. The name “ Daughter of the Dish” caught my attention because it’s like Nujood being the dish and many people will come and serve themselves over the dish and she has no control.

Kids Menu

Mac and Cheese

Colton is an 8 year old boy who knows nothing about preparing food, but does love the taste of it. He lives in modern day America and most likely eats Mac and Cheese on occasion along with his young counterparts. Colton had an amazing experience after becoming sick. His parents thought he had become sick from food poisoning from something he ate at a restaurant away from home. This was not why he was sick, but he probably ate something like Mac and Cheese off the Kids Menu. That day was a important day in Colton's life and that is why I chose it a food it may have eaten. If his parents would have brought him to the hospital right away and not believed it was just food poisoning from something as basic as Mac and Cheese, he may have not gotten so close to death.

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