Working Artist Studio

David Alan Kofton studied art at the Massachusetts College of Art, graduating with a B.S.E. And a B.F.A. in 1967. He then taught painting and sculpture in upstate New York. Wanting to dedicate more time to his artwork, David returned to his roots on the small island of Deer Isle, ME, in 1972, where he maintains a studio to this day. He says of his work, “I am the voyeur. The unseen narrating with paint.”

David is recognized for this work with the female figure. His paintings capture the emotions as well as the beauty of his subjects. Aside from local shows, his work has been represented in group shows around the world. He is included in the private collections of the Fuller Art Museum in Brockton, MA; the Museum de la Erotica in Barcelona, Spain; E.S. Museum in Miami, FL; and the Kinsey Institute in Indiana, where his work comprises the largest collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures of a living artist. Kofton's paintings have won many prizes and awards. David's work has been published in many sensuous publications including “The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 2.”