The Bad Beginning

Lemony Snicket

Main Characters

•Count Olaf

•Justice Strauss


•Violet Baudelaire

•Klaus Baudelaire

•Sunny Baudelaire


In the book, The Bad Beginning, three children had just lost their parents in a horrible fire in their house and lost all of their belongings. A family friend, Mr.Poe, helped them get settled in with a distant relative, just as their parents wished. Unfortunately, the relative that agreed to take them in, Count Olaf, was an evil and abusive man. He didn't take care of the children and forced them to do chores all day. To add on to that, he planned to steal the fortune of the Baudelaire siblings that their parents left them in their will. When Violet, the oldest of the children comes of age, she will get the fortune and Olaf will do anything to get his hands on it.

Do you like this novel?


I liked this book because the author put in lots of conflicts to make the story interesting.

Favorite Part?

My favorite part was when Klaus figured out Count Olaf's plan to steal their family's fortune because after all they went through, there was a chance that something good would finally happen to them.

What is your recommendation?

I recommend that people should read this book and the rest of the series.

Did you like the Characters?

I liked the 3 children, and Justice Strauss but I disliked Count Olaf and Mr. Poe. Mr. Poe didn't believe the children when they told him that Olaf was an evil man but Justice Strauss tried to help them get through things

If you could change something, what would it be and why?

I would add more details about the childrens' parents to show how close their family really was and to make the accident more devastating and depressing.

5 Adjectives to Describe the Book

I describe the book as suspenseful, interesting, depressing, descriptive, and conflicted

What type of language does it use?

Technical Language, Complex Language, or Colloquial Language?

Complex Language

Examples of Figurative Language

•"'Rise and shine Baudelaires,'he said". pg.17 - idiom

•"With an inhuman roar he picked her up in one scraggly hand and raised her so she was staring at him in the eye." pg.46 - hyperbole

•"But ask yourself this you little bookworm: What reason will he have to keep you alive after he has your money?" pg.90 - idiom

Does the level of language make it easy or hard to read?

The level of language makes it pretty easy for the reader to read. It doesn't use lots of big vocabulary.