Second Grade News You Can Use

December 8-12, 2014

A Note From Mrs. Graham

I am sure you have heard that we have a class elf named Jingles. He has been rather well behaved so far. He has been able to give some pretty good reports to Santa about our class behavior. Addison was surprised by a letter Jingles wrote thanking her for the swing she made for him. We think he was playing around on it Thursday afternoon when we all left the room because Jane Claire noticed him swinging from it when she returned something to my desk for me after dismissal. He was not there on Friday morning, though, when we came to school. He was using the swing like a hang glider above my desk checking on me making sure I was checking papers correctly.

Christmas Program

Our program is Sunday afternoon. Mr. Boone has asked our second graders to have a black shirt, black pants, and black shoes for one of the songs they are singing. He has also asked for something Christmas themed to layer on top of the black for another part of the show. If you have any questions you can email him at


We will be finishing our novel, "Indian in the Cupboard" this week. I will give an AR test to those who are ready to take it. Everyone will choose the option, "I was read to". I will even read the test aloud or allow the voice option so the question is read aloud to your child. The comprehension component on this test is more listening comprehension than reading comprehension.

After we complete our novel, we will then begin reading some of my favorite Christmas stories. If your child has a favorite Christmas story, you are invited to send it in or let me know if you would like to come read it to us. We would love to have you. I will rearrange our schedule if necessary to fit your availability.


We will make of list of words together that are holiday themed. They will be written in your child's planner on Monday. We will have a test over these words, but it will not be counted as an official grade. The test will be Friday.

Party Information

We are still in the planning process. I promise to send home some information as soon as I have the details. We are likely having the party at the Bellevue Church of Christ fellowship hall. There will be plenty of room for all, but if you come, please be willing to help our room mothers in any way you can.