Saving Energy


Why It Important

I I'm going to show you different ways to save energy at your home schools and in the community. I think saving energy is important because its a way to save the world because you don't use much energy. Another benefit is that if you saving energy it is very ceap.

Saving at home

Its is lmportant to save at home because if you don't save energy your bill will be very expensive but if you do save save energy it will be it will be very cheap especially with your electric bill. So when you're done using the light turn it off so that you can save energy.

Saving energy at school

A way to save energy at school it is too when you are using your tablet you turn down the brightness of the screen so that your battery can last longer. And don't put the tablet on hibernate shut it down instead if you are not using it during that class.

Save energy in a community

A way to save energy in a communit is when you brush your teeth turn off the water while you're brushing teeth and then when you need the water turn it back on and then when you're done turn it back off because if you leave it on you're not just wasting your own water you're wasting the community's water


A way to save money is too open up a window for a source of light instead of using a lamp or a ceiling light because they both use energy so it would not be saving energy. During night time use your phone for a light source because its not wasting as much energy as a lamp or a ceiling light


And all that are ways to save energy in your homes schools and communities.