Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Runner, Jumper

Favorite Quote

Ask any athlete; We all hurt at times. I'm asking my body to go through seven different tasks to ask it not to hurt as much."

-Jackie Joyner-Kersee

When She was Born

  • March 3rd, 1962
  • In East Louis, Illinois


  • Sister: Florence Joyner
  • Grandmother: Evelyn Joyner
  • Mother: Mary Joyner
  • Father: Alfred Joyner

Some Interesting Facts about her,

  • She retired from competition in 2000.
  • She beat the World Record from High Jump.
  • She used to play Pro Basketball

Awards & Recognition

  • The Jesse Owens Awards
  • Best Amateur Athlete
  • Black Achievement Award
  • Jim Thrope Award
  • She also won 3 Gold Medals
  • 2 Silver
  • and 1 Bronze


She went to the University of California in Los Angeles, and graduated in 1985.

Age and Where she lives

She is 51 years old now,

She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois

What she does now

She is on the board of USA Track and Field organization in Indiana.
The rest of her Biography

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Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Saturday, March 3rd 1962 at 12am

East St. Louis, IL, United States

East St Louis, IL

This is the day she was born

Where she graduated

Friday, Feb. 7th, 12am

University of California at Los Angeles, LA, California, United States

Los Angeles, CA

She graduated here.

What she does now

Friday, Feb. 7th, 12am

Board of USA Track and Field Orginazation

She works here now.

Where he lives now,

Friday, Feb. 7th, 9pm

Chicago, IL, United States

Chicago, IL

She lives in this town