Multiplying and dividing decimals

Why is it important?

How to multiply decimals

To multiply decimals you need to know how to multiply double digit by double digit. Also DON'T line up the decimals, for now just forget about them. You first do the basic double digit by double digit multiplication. Then you count how many numbers are behind the decimal. Finally you count from the smallest place value over until you reach the amount of numbers that are behind the decimal and you put the decimal. Example: 12.45x12.86= 160107. Then you count the numbers behind the decimals and you get 16.0107

How to divide decimals

Dividing decimals is just like dividing whole numbers. So say I was dividing 39/12. Obviously twelve doesn't go into thirty-nine equally. You would have a remainder. Instead of a remainder you can turn it into a decimal. So you divide it normally until you get to the part with the remainder, then you add a decimal and a zero behind. After that you forget about the decimal and divide it normally. Keep adding zeros until you get your answer without a remainder.

What we learned

How we use this in everyday life

There are many ways to use decimals in our everyday life. One of the major ways is money! Everyone uses money at least once in their lifetime. When you go shopping you have to budget your money so you know how much to spend. When you have an amount of money that is not whole, and you want to buy a multiple amount something you need to multiply the price of the object.