CVU Nordic News

Sept/Oct 2015

Team News

We have set the schedule! Practice begins Monday, Nov 16th. All details regarding team structure and schedule can be found on our webpage by next week- CVUNORDIC.COM.

Please note the state meet dates. Any skier hoping to qualify for the state meet (top 8 girls and top 8 boys on CVU team) must be available during February vacation for practice and races. The classic state meet is in Bennington this year at Prospect Mountain, we will leave Friday, Feb 26 for races on Saturday, Feb 27th. The skate state meet is at Rikert's in Ripton on Tuesday, March 1 (Town Meeting Day).

Fundraising HELP!! Our annual Silent Auction is set to happen in November! Get your donated items in early! Any parent who can help acquire items- please contact me! We depleted our funds purchasing the wax trailer and need a successful auction to purchase wax this season! All info regarding the auction is on the website- including sign ups for soliciting companies. Seniors- you have the morning of Oct 14th to work on Grad Challenge- this would also be a great time to get some donations! Links online are working for company sign up and solicitation letter- I had 2 donation offers today- see me for details!

Attendance, Leadership, and Goal Meetings

CVU skiers are expected to attend daily practices and weekly races. Coaches are flexible and open to alternative training schedules that do not require missing more than 1 CVU practice per week, and if sports related, is for additional NORDIC SKIING only.

Any skier with known conflicts in their schedule is required to meet with Sarah before the season starts to review the calendar and schedule. Please schedule a time with Sarah BEFORE Nov 16th and bring known conflicts with you.

Additionally, returning Junior or Senior skiers interested in a leadership position on the team must schedule a meeting with Sarah BEFORE Nov 16th to discuss their eligibility and goals for the TEAM. Sarah is available R4, W3, W4 and callback!

All skiers wanting to discuss their individual goals for the season are encouraged to meet with Sarah, Eli, or King! We welcome the opportunity for one on one discussion on how to help you reach your personal goals!