Cloud Storage

How To Choose The Best Free Cloud Storage Service?

Ever since the onset of the technological era, digital data has become an imperative thing to hold on to. Most of our pictures, documents and all the other files are stored on our devices and gadgets. But this is not the best way to store your important data. And there's a reason behind this. The reason is that even though you have all the options to backup your data on your devices and gadgets, still, it is a risky procedure.

Because, as we all know that our machines or gadgets have a tendency to crash, it is not absolutely safe to store your important data therein. Whilst a machine begins to malfunction, the data stored within the machine or gadget is exposed to a lot of risks. And there is a huge possibility that you might lose your data; completely or partially. And no one wants to lose their vacation pictures, video recordings, saved movies or the important documents from your work and return back to square one. It'll be like a nightmare for anyone.

Therefore, always keep your data safe and the best way to secure your invaluable data is to use free Cloud storage service .Using such a service completely eliminates the risk of losing your invaluable data. Moreover, you'll have a lot of empty space in your machines or gadgets as well which can be used somewhere else. In a nutshell, it is a win-win situation. Also, if you use cloud services you can have virtual access to your data where and whenever you want without carrying the physical storage devices as well.

Moreover, by using free Cloud storage service you get the benefit of using such a huge space for saving your data. And while it's free of charge, this implies that you end up having benefits at your own convenience. And that's not it, there's more to this. With such services, you can be sure about your data in terms of security as well. This is because this storage service preserves and protects your data in the best possible way.

Encrypted with 2048 bit- Rsa public/ private key-pair, there's no chance of your data being accessed by anyone else other than you. You'll be the only person to use and access your data and you'll have total privacy whilst you do the same. Such effective data encryption plays a crucial role in preserving the sanctity of every single file stored on a cloud. Therefore, a user does not have to worry at all. With this kind of end to end encryption and security, we also provide high speed access to your files. That means, even with free accounts you get the services of a paid account whilst your data stays safe and secure with our cloud service.

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