Think Different #37

Resources for the Week of October 16, 2017-Part 2

Do videos playing automatically on website drive you crazy?

Well, they do me, when I go to Youtube, for example, I hate that the video just begins playing. I would prefer to choose when that video plays.

Problem solved, High Sierra on your Mac in Safari, now you can customize some settings for individual websites.

Say goodbye to auto-play in Safari

Safari now stops auto-play for video with sound — so you can browse the web in peace. When you’re ready to watch, click the play button.

See just what you want on every site+

Now you can customize your settings for specific websites — so articles always open in Reader, pages are zoomed in, and more.

Control-click the URL, then choose Settings for This Website.

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A few more awesome new features in High Sierra

  • Browse without being tracked: Remember when you looked at that mountain bike online? And then saw mountain bike ads everywhere you browsed? Safari now removes cross‑site tracking data — so it’s more difficult for advertisers to follow you. Control-click the URL, then choose Settings for This Website.
  • iCloud Drive-Work on files together: When you share a file in iCloud Drive, you and your team can all work in the same document — and never wonder who has the latest version. Just click, then click Add People.
  • Notes: Pin a note to the top of your list-Have a note that you update often, like a to-do list or shared brainstorm? Just swipe the note to the right, then click — so it’s always easy to find. Notes that you pin always stay at the top of the list in the Notes app.
  • Notes-Learn how to add a table-Click in the toolbar to insert a table. If you need to add or delete a row, click a cell, click the handle, then click the down arrow.
  • FaceTime-Take Live Photos during a FaceTime call-Want to capture a special moment while you’re on a call? Just click and the Live Photo is saved to your Photos app.
  • Photos-Add effects to Live Photos-Turn your Live Photos into fun videos you can share. Click Loop for continuous action, or jump backwards and forwards with Bounce. Or choose Long Exposure to create a still photo with a cool blur effect.
  • Photos-Learn how to change the still image-If you snapped the perfect Live Photo — but you caught that inevitable blink — you can change the still image. Just click a frame under the photo, then click Make Key Photo.
  • Photos-Edit like a pro- With new editing tools, including Curves and Selective Color, it’s easier than ever to perfect your best shots. Click the triangle next to a tool to fine-tune a photo. After you click the triangle to open the Curves tool, drag the dot to change the colors in your photo.
  • Photos-Learn about new filters- Click Filters, then try Vivid to make colors more vibrant, Dramatic for great contrast, or Silvertone for a timeless black and white filter.
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  • There’s a new feature added to iPad’s onscreen keyboard in iOS 11. The keyboard now has a gray character above each letter. For example, there’s a gray 5 above the letter T key. To type a 5, simply flick down on the T. Or, to type an @ symbol, flick down on the A key. This a little faster than tapping the “.?123” key to switch to the number/symbol keyboard and then selecting the 5 or the @ symbol.
  • Thanks to Tony Vincent for this tip, check out the full post at

iPad iCamp Day

This is the 5th year we have offered iPad iCamp Day in the College of Education at Kansas State University. This year, we have a wonderful workshop presenter. I have gotten to know Keyy over the last 6 years and oh my goodness, what a gem. Kelly is full of energy, knowledgeable, organized and spends her time helping teachers integrate technology in her district.

I hope you will join us in a beautiful new Harvard style lecture hall in the brand new business building. This room is state of the art, comfortable, and every seat has power and USB ports.

  • Friday, January 12, 2018
  • Where: 1088 Business Building, Kansas State University
  • Cost: $60 (includes lunch) space is limited
  • Registration is Open
  • KSU Education Majors: Earn 6 Professional Points

Join us with your iPad for an innovative, inspiring day to ignite your creativity! Make plans now to attend a full-day workshop focused on iPad apps supporting communication, productivity, teaching, and learning.

We'll look at teaching and learning with iPads and be reminded of best instructional practices to engage and enhance student learning. What’s hAPPening in your class? Come and discover how powerful iPad apps can bring collaboration and creativity into your classroom. Find your classroom “ POWER ZONE ” while students connect to content.

EMPOWER, INSPIRE and INTEGRATE technology in a way that can enhance how you teach and how students learn. It is about creating not just consumption. Come and be inspired.

Kelly Grigg is an Instructional Technology Specialist for Deer Park ISD in Deer Park, Texas (Houston) where she has spent her entire 23-year career. After teaching at the elementary level and earning her MS in Instructional Technology, Kelly served as a Campus Technology Integration Specialist for over a decade training teachers and working with students at the elementary level. Now, as the Instructional Technology Specialist Leader for her district, Kelly is part of an AMAZING team that helps to integrate technology into district curriculum and professionally develop teachers grades PreK12.