What Is An Optometrist?

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What Do They Do?

Optometrists do many things relating to the eyes, hinting "opt", as in optics. They diagnose and detect problems of the eyes and the effects on the body. They may perscribe things such as glasses, contact lenses, and medications. Some may also need to develop treatment plans for people with more complex eye problems. They help get rid of eye infections, make sure that people who need glasses get ones that fit properly, and also ensure that people who have eye complications are helped. One cool thing about the job is that it pays very well, more than two times the US Mean Annual Wage.


If you are looking forward to becoming an Optometrist, there are some serious things to consider. You need to go at least three years to a college or university that lets you do pre-optemetric study, four years at an accredited school of optometry, and you need to get a license. You need to be very observant, analytical, meticulus, patient, and you also need great communication skills. Hey, optometry is not the job for every one. Some people must find it somewhat difficult, there are still positions to fill, and the demands for this work force are still increasing.


The Wait Is Worth It

Annual Salary

An optometrist makes on average $94,690. Think of that stack of cash! All that college pays off. Think of all the good you can do for society and the money you get paid for it.

Projected Job Growth

The job demand is increasing in the field and it is expected to grow 21% or more. What is cool, is that it is increasing much faster than normal. This means it will be easier to get a job in this field, in terms of competition.

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