Superintendent's Update

September 22-26

Upcoming Dates

(These are my calendar events. For your information only.)

Monday, September 22

8:30 Cabinet Meeting

11:00 Youth Apprenticeship Meeting

2:00 Meeting

3:30 Meeting with City

5:00 Executive Session

6:00 Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 23

8:00 Leadership Meeting (Agenda in Canvas)

12:30 School Talk

2:00 Board Chair Meeting

3:30 Knowledge Park Meeting

6:00 Dinner Meeting

Wednesday, September 24

7:30 Meeting

8:30 District Office Staff Meeting

10:30 Meeting in Columbia

2:00 Saluda Trail Classroom Observations

Thursday, September 25

8:30 Belleview Classroom Observations

12:00 Rock Hill Reads

1:30 Meeting

3:00 Ebenezer Avenue

4:00 Fine Arts Meeting

Friday, September 26

11:15 Welcome OEC Principals to South Pointe

12:00 Mt. Holly Grandparents Lunch

Leadership Meeting

In an effort to have more professional learning time, there is information in Canvas that we will not go over during our meeting. There will be a time for you to ask questions, however, we ask that you review the information prior to our meeting. The module and documents have been posted in Canvas.

School Visits

I enjoyed two school community visits and two school visits for teacher observations! Thank you to Dr. Barnes and Mr. KIrrell for hosting our first two community visits.

Thank you to Dr. Dickson for hosting the first teacher observation visits. I enjoyed learning about Mesopotamia in social studies which included a flocabulary rap! I also observed an Advanced Science lab where students were learning about the difference between weight and mass.

Thank you to Dr. Leonard for hosting my first high school visit. I was amazed by his choral program! I also enjoyed watching student presentations in English, ROTC during their first inspection day, and the 9th grade South Pointe orientation class.

Happy September Birthday

September 22nd

Gwen Lindsey

Beau Modle

Kay Owens

September 27th

Kathryn O’Donnell

Quote of the Week

Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.

Steve Jobs