Stimulating the Infant Brain

Elise Campbell

How Can a Baby's Brain Develop?

A baby's brain has the opportunity to develop when the child is put into a safe and stimulating environment. Babies need quantity and quality simulation to develop properly. Baby's need opportunities to use all five senses.

Caregivers Can Assist With Brain Development

How Can Parents Help Support Brain Development?

Parents can support the brain's development in a child by putting the baby in stimulating environments that meet their needs. For example, if a baby needs to use their sight to develop, a parent may show them a picture of a red apple, and they may be more likely to learn that term quickly because the child was able to put that word with a picture, using sight. When parents do this, it assists their child.
Another way to support brain development is through repetition. When the same thing is done over and over again, synaptic connections are strengthened. This means that when parents do the same task over and over again with their child, this helps stimulate the child's brain, which assists with it's development. For example, if a child hears a song that the mother sings over and over again, it can improve memory, which assists with learning.

Things To Remember When Supporting Brain Development

Make sure to keep the activities you do natural and simple. You would not want your child watching a movie that is very advanced. Parents also want to be sure to match experiences to the child's mental abilities. Practicing each activity makes perfect, which reinforces the fact that repetition is a great method. Be sure to actively involve the child. Make sure the baby is not just sitting and watching, engage a couple senses at the same time. However, it is important that they are not overloaded. It is also important to avoid pushing the child to his or her breaking point. If a child feels overwhelmed, they may give up, so keep the activities fun and encouraging!