The American System

The Right Choice for the United States

Henry Clay's Ingenious Plan:

Consisting of 3 major parts:

  1. A strong baking system-this will provide easily accessible and abundant credit.
  2. A protective tariff- much like the Tariff of 1816, a tariff put on British goods, to ensure the growth and prosperity of immature manufacturers in America.
  3. Internal improvements-the abundance of revenue from the tariff will allow for the funding for a network of roads and canals throughout the Ohio River Valley, which will provide much easier transportation of foodstuffs and raw materials from the Southwest to the Northeast, thus uniting our country both economically and politically.

Why it works:

Not only will the American System benefit manufacturers by stimulating business, but with the building of quicker, more efficient transportation across all of America, farmers from all parts of the country will profit as well! Its a win-win for everyone!

The American System In Action:

Just think of all the benefits!