Kingston Secondary School Snapshot

June 2019

Project almost 75-per-cent complete

Construction of the new 171,000-square-foot Kingston Secondary School is is now 73 per cent complete.

Inside, work on drywall continues along with the installation of fixtures and painting. Work has begun on the two-tone masonry finish featuring light grey block and deep charcoal brick.

Despite recent province-wide labour disruptions involving sub-contractors, there continues to be about 80 labourers on site each day. The contractor has adjusted the schedule to accommodate the work stoppage to ensure work continues around these trades. We are hopeful that this job action will be resolved shortly, and the contractor can return to a full complement of labourers.

As is commonplace in projects of this size and scope, the contractor has experienced some delays as a result of inclement weather and the labour disruptions. These unforeseen delays have resulted in adjustments to the project schedule. We anticipate the new building will be in the “substantial completion” phase in the winter of 2020 with a revised occupancy timeline to be released later this summer.

In the meantime, staff continue to work on several transition activities to equip the new school for students (furniture, equipment, technology etc.).

New school logo revealed

After much student input and feedback, the Board has finalized the new logo for Kingston Secondary School.

Using the new school colours - black, blue and white - and the bear mascot, students set to work on possible designs for the new school logo. KCVI Student Council received dozens of digital and hand-drawn designs from students at KCVI. Student Council choose their top three submissions which were forwarded on to a graphic designer for polished concepts.

Following another round of feedback on the draft designs, and input from the Integration Committee, the new school logo features a black bear and the letter 'K'. Work will continue to further expand and enhance this design concept for use on school materials, athletic and spirit wear and other applications.