Español 2

End of Week 5 /Beginning of Week 6

It is hard to believe that our first quarter is almost over. As of 9/25 all students should have finished Unit 3 through lesson 3. This coming Friday 10/2 all students should have all assignments in Unit 3 complete.

As a reminder students should only be using grammar that is presented in the unit. Currently we are learning how to the use the preterite tense and imperfect tense. Just like in Spanish 1 when students learned the present tense, the students will need to learn the new verb endings to the preterite and imperfect.

If students are caught up they should be able to complete their assignments by working at least 90 minutes a day. If they are behind they will need to work more.
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All assignments from the Getting Started Unit - Unit 4 will close permentaly 10/23. Please encourage students to catch up on assignments.