Bilingual/ESL Newsletter

February 2016

Our Work is Working! MOY Scores from 2015-16 Show Growth for ELLs!

The results are in and the data has been crunched! Manor ISD Teachers and students have increased ELL student performance from MOY 2015 to MOY 2016. Work remains, but it is important to consider our achievements and celebrate our successes.

ELL Reading scores increased 2 percentage points from MOY 2015 to MOY 2016.

ELL scores in Science increased by 12 percentage points from last year to this year.

ELL scores in Social Studies increased 18 percentage points from last year's MOY to this year's MOY.

ELL scores in Math had the highest increase---26 percentage points from 2015 to 2016.

Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to our students.

Sheltered Instruction--- Making a Difference for ELLs!

This year, in order to improve student achievement and ensure the success of our students, Manor ISD is implementing a sheltered instruction initiative for grades 3-12. This month we walked classrooms on ALL campuses for grades 3-12 to see implementation of language objectives for our Sheltered Instruction initiative. We are excited that over 80% of classrooms observed implemented language objectives!

Language objectives are written in student friendly terms, observable, and aligned to content objectives. Language objectives should be discussed with students before the lesson, during the lesson and at the conclusion of the lesson. Quality language objectives scaffold student’s language use through vocabulary banks and sentence stems. We saw great examples of this as we walked--a few images are posted below. Thanks for all that you are doing to support our kids!!!!! Your work is much appreciated!!!!

TELPAS Time again!

The Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) is here. The window opens on March 7th and closes on April 6th. All our ELLs are eligible; including those that have denied services! Teachers will be holistically rating them in the areas of reading (K-1), writing, speaking, and listening. The older kids (2-12) will have to take an online reading assessment. Teachers who were selected to be raters, will soon get information from their Campus Testing Coordinators (CTC) about the online basic training and calibration sessions. Writing samples can start being collected on February 15th. Make sure samples that portray your student’s proficiency most accurately are chosen. We want our students to get the highest rating as possible. CTCs are working very hard to ensure a successful TELPAS season.

Feria Educativa Para Familias--- Education Fair for Families

The Student and Family Support Services and Bilingual Department cohosted a Feria Educativa for parents at Oak Meadows on Jan. 30. We put together a variety of educational sessions for parents on topics that include protecting children from drugs, strengthening family communication and setting boundaries, and the safe use of technology. American Gateways presented about immigration, visas, and DACA. Many other non-profits attended this resource fair to share their programs. There were fun activities for the children and prizes for the families. MMS Mariachis closed this event out with a rousing performance! Special thanks to Joanne Grace and Marlen Gonzalez for collaborating to make this event awesome!

Teacher resources


Duolingo is a free language-learning website and app that includes a language proficiency assessment center. Duolingo is ad-free and offers all its language courses free of charge! The language-learning website and app offer over 50 different language courses across 23 languages; almost 30 additional courses are in development. Duolingo has an option for native Spanish speakers to learn English:

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Word Generation

SERP’s Word Generation program includes weekly units about controversial topics each with brief lessons for middle school teachers in all academic subjects. SERP has also recently created extended units of study about a variety of social studies and science topics. Fourth and fifth grade units are now available as well. This is an amazing FREE resource that helps teachers teach kids academic vocabulary with engaging, interesting lessons that incorporate reading, speaking and writing. All teachers have to do is create an account. Check it out!

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