Margaret Brown

''The Unsinkable Molly Brown''


Margaret Tobin grew up in Irish-Catholic family with 5 siblings. At the age of 13 Margaret went to go work in a factory. After 2 of her siblings left to seek opportunity in Colorado with silver mines, She followed moving to Leadville in 1886. Her life soon changed when she met J.J. Brown.

Adult Life

Not very long after J.J. and Margaret married and had 2 children. they struggled financially until later as her husband rose up the ranks at the mining company Brown became active in the community helping minors and their families and working to improve the towns school

Older life

while traveling around the world as she loved to do she found out that her grandson was ill she booked a ticket for the first ship back (Titanic). While sailing back the titanic hit a large iceberg and started to sink while Brown tried to stay on the boat trying to help men women and children she was forced into life boat six. The men on the life boat wanted to give up but brown wouldn't let them so the women and herself started rowing the life boat until

Other information

When she was younger she went to a grammar school that her aunt owned until she was 13. She atended collage at the university of Phoenix.

She was never called molly everyone called her Maggie and no one started calling her molly until after she passed away and the musical molly the unsinkable came out