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A brief history...

The colony of Georgia was first settled in the year 1732. James Oglethorpe, our colony's great founder, envisioned Georgia to be a place where the debtors of the British Society could start anew. Along with this noble cause, Georgia also is charged with the great responsibility of being a barrier between the British colonies and the Spanish inhabited Florida. It was for these causes that the crown allowed the charter for the colony in June of 1732. For these reasons, Georgia provides a place where those with a burden to support the colonies, or anyone for that matter, can receive a warm welcome and a new start.
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Facts about Georgia

Georgia was the last of the 13 colonies, founded 50 years after the others.

Georgia was governed by a board of 21 trustees, appointed by the king.

all people except Catholics were granted religious freedom

Georgia's economy is supported by the export of rice, clay, pottery, cotton, indigo, tobacco, fruit, barrel staves, and pork.

James Oglethorpe is the proud governer and founder of our colony. Other important people in our colony's history are tomochichi (the indian chief that helped the first settlers), and John Wesley(the founder of Methodism)

Benefits of iving in Georgia

The pros to living in the kings colony (Georgia was named after king George II) are numerous and obvious. For one, Families can sleep in peace knowing that that drunk savages wont be terrorizing the colony. This is because the import of alcohol is illegal in Georgia. A second benefit to living in Georgia is that the agriculture that takes place here is a process not affiliated with inhumane acts of slavery. Slavery too is not allowed in our colony. A third reason to become a Georgian is that Georgia is a safe haven for all those that are fleeing religious prejudice, including the protestants that are being prejudiced in Europe. A fourth benefit to living here is the geographic placement of our colony. Georgia stretches from the Atlantic ocean all the way to the Mississippi river. This facilitates trade and provides a military advantage.