Pro-D Annual Report

by Holly Mair, STA PD Chairperson

What has your PD Chair done this year?

  • Attended monthly executive meetings (one evening a month).
  • Met with various administrators to resolve minor PD concerns.
  • Processed teacher reimbursements and maintained the account to be ready for our yearly review performed by Mann, Moulson and Company accounting firm.
  • Co-developed a new teacher mentorship program (District and STA).
  • Ran the Joint Professional Development Committee.
  • Trained and supported school-based PD reps.
  • Worked collaboratively with Victoria and Sooke to host Tapestry 2015 (meeting one evening a month leading up to the event, plus additional time prior to the event).
  • Maintained the accounting for and supported teachers in accessing Priority Fund Grants.
  • Wrote monthly articles for STA in Touch, updated Pd offerings on the website, supported teachers by email and phone.
  • Engaged via the BCTF with other PD Chairs in the province. This year our face-to-face meetings were cancelled and all communication was through the list serve.

Saanich Teachers Engage in PD

Did you know that?

  • Between October 1, 2014 and April 4, 2015 we wrote 235 cheques to teachers!
  • In the same time period, Saanich Teachers spent $21,502.44 to cover TTOC costs to support individual professional development!
  • We are currently supporting 25 group projects designed by teachers through the Priority Fund Account.
  • In a one week period from April 14 - 21, I received 74 professional development emails!

This report has been brought to you by Holly Mair

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to ask.