One of the six largest religions in the world! -Bryanna sims

what is the origin? How did this philosophy spread? is it monotheistic or polytheistic?

The religion of Confucianism originated in china in 500 B.C.

where is it most influential today? Who founded its faith? What are the basic beliefs?

This is most influential today in China and parts of Mongolia. They believe that their faith was founded a group of men their names were; Confucius, Kongzi, and Mengzi. The basic beliefs are: humans are naturally good, education is a key part of life, you should respect your elders, your ancestors should be worshiped because they are your guidance, Yin and Yang are two different forces that keep a balance of nature.

How is the leadership organized?What sects have developed over time?

Leadership in the Temples are run by the government but the main leader of the church is the priest.