Divorce In Today's Society

By: Nicole Harvey

Families Affected by Divorce

The challenge that affects many families in America today is divorce. It makes it difficult for every family member involved especially children. Throughout the nation one out of every two marriages will end in divorce. Occasionally, parents that are not able to cope very well tend to lean to their children for comfort, or for reassurance that they are a good parent. It can take a toll on the children involved unless there is clear communication about why the divorce occurred. Communication is key the situation needs to be clearly understood in order to make things run as smoothly as possible.

Nebraska Divorce

In 2011, 12,353 couples in Nebraska got married, and out of those couples 6,367 got divorced. 6,069 of them had children.

Long Term Affects From Divorce

Many people who have never gone through a divorce may think that the affects only last for a year or two but that is not the case. It changes many things, and can create even more struggles. In Nebraska for instance your family structure plays a key part in how well you are able to provide for your family financially. 46.9% of children in Nebraska living in a single-mother households are in poverty as well as 19.8% of children living in a single-father households are in poverty. If neither of the parents end up with the child when the divorce is over they tend to live with their grandparents which can create some problems. Two very major factors come into play such as living on a fixed income, and the health problems that can arise from unexpectedly taking on the job of caring for a child. From those changes alone it can create stress and pressure to get out of poverty and to work to create a better life for the children involved.
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Are You a Child Affected by Divorce?

It has been said that a meta-review of studies on joint and sole custody suggests that children do best with joint physical custody, but if you don't have that option it is not the end of the world. If this has happened in your life you shouldn't feel ashamed because of it. There was no way for you to predict that your parents were going to get divorced. In fact, studies of premarital couples who have participated in a premarital class have been shown to predict with 80% accuracy couples who divorce three years after marriage from those who were happily married, unhappily married, or divorced. Even if that may seem like a large percentage there is still a solid 20% that couldn't be predicted, and often times it is the parents who have been married for an average of 7 years who separate. You are not alone there are others out there just like you.
Want to Get Help?

There are numbers you can contact for people to talk to or you can actually visit the center to see a certified counselor.