Product, sales and marketing aligning for the customer!

Welcome to the First Issue

Alignment is bi-weekly newsletter that will serve as a consistent venue for information sharing to enhance the alignment between product, sales and marketing.

Our goals is for the information to increase team members’ product knowledge, awareness of tools, resources and information that can help in our positive relationships with our customers.

If you have ideas, suggestions or feedback we would love to hear them our feedback form.

Product Updates


Implementing a Calendar Tool

QualityCore is implementing a calendaring tool for the customer to schedule testing this spring. Due to the challenges we faced last year, PLM wanted to ensure CBT was successful. The tool will allow schools to select a 2 hour time frame to test but will not allow over capacity of the system. A small amount of users may not be able to test at the time they request but will have time to adjust. In addition, an upper limit of concurrent users has been established in the current platform. If this limit is reached, new users will not be allowed to log in and test. These two features will help ensure successful testing of those who plan and prevent the locking up of users as we saw last year. The tool will be released at the end of February, at the request of a couple of state customers. Communication will be shared with all users with instructions on how to use the tool.

Additional contingency plans are being put into place in Operations and Customer Services to plan for any issues that may arise in the spring. We are working on scalable solutions to be in place after this year.

List Serve

A List Serve has been established and will be released for customer usage by the beginning of March. Customer Services, Marketing, Operations and Product have all been working toward a common goal of using this tool for customer feedback. Messaging will occur with the customers to inform them of the feature. The access to the List Serve will be allowed from inside the QualityCore system and Sales is welcome to join.


Volume Update

Engage continues to gain traction in volumes. In 2013 (calendar year), ACT delivered 130,491 tests. This was an increase from 2012 of 90.8%. The highest growth is in the 6-9 grade student assessment with a growth rate of 130%.

Marketing Tools

Marketing is working on additional collateral to provide with an email campaign to come in the next 60 days for both 6-9 and college. Continue to let customers know about the new local intervention feature that was added 3 months ago.

PLM asks that Engage be discussed at conferences to give people an understanding of what the product is. Tablets are available to use at conferences to allow demonstration of the product on site and print off a report for administrators.

Get to Know a Team Better

PLM - Continuum

New Organization focused on Cross-functional solutions

Jaime Moquin, AVP, PLM-Continuum, leads the new area and is focused on providing increased capability to Product Launch, Analytics, Field Studies, Test Preparation, and Sales Support (RFP & International). The common linkage with all these functions is their cross-functional design and support across the product lines. Continuum will focus in the coming months on developing and implementing repeatable and sustainable processes that will increase our collective ability to respond to market changes.

  • Jaime Moquin, AVP, Continuum
  • Dave Deyak, Program Director, Lifecycle
  • Eric Dickson, Product Manager, Launch/Sunset
  • Lori Beckermann, Product Manager, Field Tests and Studies
  • Sara Novotny, Product Analytics
  • Cyndi Showalter, Product Manager, Test Prep
  • Tracy Drew, Program Director, Solution Architect and Sales Support
  • Vacant, Product Manager, Solution Architect and Sales Support
  • Vacant, Director, Learning Resources and Test Prep