Life Goals

August 2013

Goal 1

I will present my real, authentic self to the world.

In August, I will learn something new each week about website design. I will post my learning into my personal learning library.

Goal 2

I will be a published author.

In August, I will create material for my Devotional E-Book “Wonderings” by writing 5-10 minutes daily 5x a week.

Goal 3:

I will be an expert on follow-through.

In August, I will research 1 thing on follow-through every week, and I will practice 1 follow-through activity each month. This month is on action planning.

Goal 4:

I will be more connected, online and in real life.

In August, I will do 1 thing to increase connection online and in real life. This month will be to attend the mom's group meeting