A Map;Where People Live;and Why the French&English Influence

Map of Canada

Here is a map of Canada. The map shows you the territories and provinces of Canada.

Where Do People in Canada Live, and Why?

If you look at the population density map for Canada (below) you will see that most Canadians live in the south. By living near the American, Canadian border trading with America, and Mexico is a lot easier. Studies show that Canada exports more than 80% of their natural resources to America. Also, trading with America, and Mexico is a lot easier with the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement (FTA). With this agreement it is a lot easier to trade, making Canadians want to do it more.

Pictures About Canada

Why the French and English have a lot of influence on Canada

The French were one of the first people to settle in Canada. That is why they have a ton of influence in Canada. The English settled in a bit later. Having tons of different people, all from different countries, Canada is the even more diverse than America.

Here is a picture of Niagara Falls in Canada. One of the most famous waterfalls in Canada.

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