Vasco Nunez De Balboa

The Age of Exploration

Who is he?

At the Age of Exploration, sailors set sail for many reasons. Such as wealth, glory, new sea routes to Asia, and to discover new land. Vasco's reason for setting sail, was that he wanted glory and wealth because his family was poor. Vasco was born in Spain in the year of 1475. He died in 1519 when he was beheaded from the jealous Pedro Arias de Avila. Vasco led his first expedition in 1513 to the Pacific ocean. He then went to South America in Hispaniola. But then he hid in a barrel on a ship sending supplies to San Sebastian. When the captain found him, he was about to kill Vasco but was convinced that he should be alive to take him to Hispaniola. When they arrived, most of the colonists were killed by Native Americans. After Vasco forced his remaining colonists to move to the west side of the Gulf of Uraba, Vasco became the interim governor of the settlement.

Time To Meet Him

The Interview

Me: So, Vasco, can you tell the readers a bit more about yourself?

Vasco: Well it was good to be the interim governor of the settlement. That certainly was an accomplishment.

Me: It sure is, can you tell the readers how and why you died?

Vasco: Well, Avila arrested me for treason and beheaded me in 1519. But that lad was also jealous of my accomplishment.

Me: I am sorry to hear that. Also, I got another question. How was it like to see the Pacific Ocean?

Vasco: It was a beauty. Did I ever tell you that I claimed the ocean and it's shores for Spain?

Me: No, you haven't. That all sounds great, but I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today. Back to you with the weather Chuck.