Created by: Allyson Adam


Malala Yousafzai is a determined and outspoken defender of the female's right to education. She was only 11 when she stood up against the Taliban. A few days later, she was shot by them aboard her school bus. The little 11 year old girl stunned the world. Many jumped on the train to help and wish her health, while others traveled on foot, sending her death threats and bad luck. She healed and is currently leading more people out of the dark and into the freedom of the new world.
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"radiant example that children can be intelligent and savvy advocates for their own rights."


Each leadership trait encorage others to follow with what you say and do. Malala shows many and most all of the traits it takes to be a leader, but a few are:

-Kindness- she forgave those that hated and despised her

-Loyalty- even when she was in the hospital almost dead, she kept fighting for the right of women

-Persistant- she was sure that if she kept trying goodness would be the end result

-Flexible- she worked through the hardest of obstacles and still stood tall

-Inspirational- she showed thousands of girls, and boys, that if you standup for something, then you can get anything done


Malala does not show all the traits needed to be leader, but you dont need to qualify under each trait. Even if you have just 3 traits to being a Leader, you still can. It just depends on what you do with your traits.


"With the few leadership traits listed above, I believe I can share the three traits Flexible, Persistant, and Loyalty." Ally states that she, of her whole family, was most flexible with moving to TN after living most of her childhood in Richland, PA. Ally is loyal to anyone of her friends, she would never spread rumors, and would do anything that they asked her for. Lastly, Ally is Persistant, if she wants something done, she does it herself. Ally has gone for different things all her life, she always chased her dreams and she always knew what she wanted.

All these traits are big factors that job owners and everyday people look for in others. If you dont have a trait like loyalty then no one would be able to trust you.

Ally wants to follow Malala because she is a great inspirational leader, and she is fighting for what is needed for all girls around the world.