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A little art and story site

This is a dual owned place.

This is a team of two, myself being the doodler

and Toxin being the story writer

I use Microsoft Paint (MS Paint), Sketchbook Express, and regular pencil and paper.

Tox does poems, and short stories. He can also create back stories for characters.

Prices and Request

Please email me what you want, and we can discuss prices, or tactics. I also do art trades! (Which means we both draw the other's request, and exchange them.)

Request, questions, concerns, constructive criticism, tips? Feel free to contact, it would be very much accepted!

Fluffy Art

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Zombie ~Speedpaint~
Out of the Black (Speedpaint)

Stories and prices.

I'm Toxin, but most people call me Tox. I write short-stories and poems (free verse), but I also can do back stories, story songs, and parody lyrics to songs (no I will not sing it for you)

Prices range, it all depends on how long it is, and how hard it was, prices are always negotiable.



An abnormal man walked down the street, his brown hair seemed to make the mask that hung loosely on his face, pop out. The mask, broken on the lower left side of it, was pure white, except for the one black teardrop marking on the right side of the face, and a red streak going down on the left side. He walked along the pavement which ran alongside the road that had only one car drive by once or twice, but they gave no notice of him. His steps crushed the white snow that had fallen to the ground, and it satisfied him. His pace was even, even though he seemed to be rushed. Pulling out a small pocket watch, his light green eyes wander to the watch to check the time, 12:34. If he didn't hurry he would be late. That wouldn't be acceptable.


To truly lose one’s self in the mind

what some would call it,

would be pure insanity,

but people like me,

we call it corrective thoughts.

Allowing oneself to vanish into the mind,

it hides the pain of the real world.

Story Song

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(coming soon)


I wasn't always harsh, nor the way I am now. I once had an actual heart. One that had a beat, and was able to live free. That changed, when I was changed into a monster. Before my eyes had turned this cruel red, they were such a deep and thoughtful brown.

Toxic Stories

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