Entrepreneur Work Permit Package

Get your Entrepreneur Work Permit at 1600€ now!

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Do you have a great business plan to implement in Spain?

Do you have a business plan, that you really believe in and want to implement in Spain?

We help you get your Entrepreneur Work Permit done within 1month. We are IE Alumni and have onced been students like yourselves and been through what you went through!

Reasons why you must implement your business plan in Spain:

1. We strongly believe that in times of crisis, there are ample opportunities! Not in times of strong economic boom, whereby labour, and capital investments are high.

2. Spain provides full support and infrastructure.

3. Low labour costs.

4. Low costs of office Space.

5. Spanish government subsidize entrepreneur's social security contribution by more than 50%! In the past, entrepreneurs have to pay nearly 300euros monthly for social contribution, now you have to only pay 50euros per month for the first 6 months and 120euros for the next six months until your business is ready to take off after a year.

6. Many companies in Spain, for instance registered office, mail and telephone companies give Entreprenuers a 10% rebate if you book through them.

7. Spanish government tax entrepreneurs lower at 15% only.

8. Spain is a great country to work and live in!

In the Entrepreneur Work Permit Package is for people that will like to live and work in Spain! We help entrepreneurs get endorsement for their business plan from the Government of Spain, and make sure that they certify that your business plan is viable in Spanish market!

We work with a team of experts, whom are lawyers and are well-versed in all types of immigration issues.

We have successfully gained our own entreprenuership visa, and we want to give back to you and help you implement your dreams in Spain!

For IE Students there is a 20% discount off the package!!!

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