Cultural Revolution in China

By: Payton Mull

How it Began

Mao's attempt to ressert his beliefs in China

A speech by Lin Piao who urged the public schools

Red Guards told the yout to critise those who Mao deemed untrustworthy

Mao dliberatly set out to create a cult

Liu Shao-Chi was expelled from the party

Who were the Red Guard

They were middle school youth

They nearly pushed China into social turmoil

Some groups got into sites about Hulu best don't have China should proceed

They had no favoritism no matter who you were they always would still criticize you if you are against Mao

They fought against the Democratic Society

How it affected the population

Many citizens lost their possessions

High-class Society lost their jobs

Many Chinese lives were changed for the worse

Lots of citizens became peasants and worked on farms

Most of China's citizens or in poverty so they lead the less child production

Over 30 million people died in China

If something like that were to happen today

America would turn into a communist country were we would lose many of our possessions the government would take over our lives and we will lose our freedom

Interesting Fact

Ordinary Chinese blame Mao's wife instead of Mao himself
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