Making Funeral Arrangements?

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Have you ever thought about what all goes into planning a funeral?

There are many things to think about when planning or pre-planning a funeral. At Eternal Rest Funeral Home we offer plenty of options. We are also very flexible when it comes to schedules or preferences involving the funeral. Some things to think about are cremation or burial. If burial what do you want to wear, open or closed casket,and what type of casket? What rituals fit your religion or family tradition, do you want poems, instruments or songs played, and what time of day would you like the funeral to take place?

Cultural preferences.

Cultural is a major factor when dealing with funerals. We offer closed and open casket funerals, we also offer just memorials if you choose to be cremated. Depending on openings we may offer same day services for those whose tradition it is to do so. You can request who you would like to speak at the service and what your preference of teaching is if any. Our dedicated staff is happy to assist families from all faiths and cultures with their end of life ceremonial and memorial needs (Botts, 2014). We are happy to work with you to make your wishes a reality.

Our funeral home offers many different services to fit your budget!

Eternal Rest Funeral Home provides many different services based on your preferences and budget. We strive to provide you with the best services and fulfilling your wants when it comes to planning a funeral. We offer many services and we know that this can be a very hard task for anyone to complete and that is why we are here to help! We offer free support when dealing with a death of a loved one or even the thought of your own death when planning your funeral. We are here for you!
Funeral Music, Piano and Viola

Some things to think about when dealing with death.

When considering on pre-planning a funeral or even planning one, you want to keep your loved ones wishes in mind. Even if you do not agree with the choices. Grief and stress can make service decisions very challenging on family members. Planning ahead or writing down your wants can help greatly during this hard time. Check out this website when thinking about some things to consider when planning your funeral:

Individual and family challenges

There are many things you have to keep in mind when making drastic decisions such as planning a funeral. Some people try to take advantage of individuals who are mourning or thinking about there own funeral. You have to educate yourself about funeral planning, know that pre-planning and payment is not a prerequisite, and when choosing a package deal know exactly what is included. Keep in mind that love is not measured by the amount of money you spend (Fleet, 2014).

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