30 Hands

What is 30 Hands?

Use your iPad to create a multi-slide presentation using photos that you can select from your device camera, camera roll, (Dropbox will be added soon). Record a voice-over on each slide image and save. The final project plays like a video.

30 Hands also has a full website that offers much more for teachers, but, at this time, I have only used it to collect my presentations.

What do I need?

The app can be used on its own if you are willing to upload videos from your device straight into You Tube.

There is also a website for 30Hands, and you can set up an account there. This is what I decided to do to manage my 30 Hands presentations.

How do I share my 30Hands presentations?

To share, there are 2 ways:

Save to the camera roll and then uploaded from there to another app to your computer. Your camera roll will also allow you to load the video directly into your You Tube account. Files can also be emailed unless they are too large.


Save your presentation to 30 Hands--if you have made an account.

Once your presentation is uploaded to 30Hands, you can get a link or an embed code.

Some help for using a 30 Hands account:

Just log into your 30 Hands account in the settings of your device. Warning: the website is actually called "ipresentonline.com", and, when you create an account, you will need to make note of that. To log into your account on your iPad, enter only the first part of your "site" name---not the entire URL--followed by your user name and password. We thought that we needed to type the entire site address there....and it didn't work of course!