Many native people adapted to the hot climate of the Southwest cultural region. The Southwest is today know as the states of Arizona , New Mexico , parts of Texas, Colorado, and the Northern half of Mexico.


The Hopi came from Anasazi tribe, who dug holes in cliffs and lived in them. A Hopi shelter was a multi-level adobe home used by ancestral Hopi Indians called a pueblo, it had a flat roof and a multiple apartments on the upper level.


Hopi beliefs that everyone in Hopi should live in peace in harmony so they can help people and other natives and catch fish and make homes. Everyone should live in peace so they can do more helpful things for native American's.


Hopi eats corn and other kinds of foods in there tribe. These are some things that Hopi eats in there tribe.

  • corn
  • beans
  • pumpkins
  • vegetables
  • cotton
  • squash

Those are some food that Hopi eats in there tribe.

Clothes, hair, costumes

The Indians in Hopi would wear different things. Girls would wear manta. if you were a boy you would wear breechcloth. Girls would wear their hair in a ponytail or in a braid or down because their hair is very long. Boys would wear their hair gathered into a figure-eight shaped bun called a homsoma. Boys costumes in Hopi would be.....

  • breechcloths
  • short kilts

Girls costumes in Hopi would be different then the boys

  • Knee length
  • cotton dresses

These are girl costumes. If you were in Hopi and you were a girl or a boy you would probably were these things.

Men and Womens roles

Women in Hopi were in charge of all of the cooking for the men. Girls had to learn things from their mothers. You would have to learn how to repair the walls of there house . You would also learn how to do pottery and there going to learn how to make baskets. You would not learn how to weave and sew because that was the men's jobs to do. Boys were farmers. If you were a boy you would learn how to be a farmer too. You would grow corn, beans, pumpkins, vegetables, cotton, and squash. Also you would grow corn, and 24 different kinds of corn on you're farm. You would have to spin cotton, weave, and sew clothes. Boys would help there dads with the fields.

Other Interesting Facts About Hopi

The Hopi Indian tribe is well known for there beautiful pottery and infricate woven rug. And Squash, beans, pumpkins, and other foods like corn and 24 different kinds of corn. These foods and fruits and vegetables were also grown and eaten. Art work and pottery were very important parts of the Hopi life. The Hopi people were one of the pueblo people.(they still are.)
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The Hopi Indian (clip)